Yusuf Şahin, Fatih Mehmet Botsalı, Mete Kalyoncu, Mustafa Tinkir, Ümit Önen, Nihat Yılmaz, Abdullah Çakan
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Volume 598, Pages 141-145
Publication year: 2014


Exoskeletons are used in rehabilitation, military, industrial applications and rescuing, heavy-weight lifting and civil defense applications as well. This paper presents to design of a lower-extremity exoskeleton assisting walking of a load carrying human. Proposed exoskeleton system is designed to be appropriate mechanism with human lower extremity and it operates synchronously with the human realizes. The aim of exoskeleton actuator system is to provide forces against to external load carried by user during walking, sitting, and standing motions. Thus, it supports human walking and significant portion of external load carrying by the user. Also it makes possible to user spend less energy, less stress and fatigue. Proposed work involves the following design steps: kinematic synthesis of the exoskeleton, mechanical and electro-hydraulic system design.