Yusuf Şahin, Fatih Mehmet Botsalı, Mete Kalyoncu, Mustafa Tinkir, Ümit Önen, Nihat Yılmaz, Ömer Kaan Baykan, Abdullah Çakan
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Volume 598, Pages 546-550
Publication year: 2014


Lower extremity exoskeletons are wearable robot manipulators that integrate human intelligence with the strength of legged robots. Recently, lower extremity exoskeletons have been specifically developed for rehabilitation, military, industrial applications and rescuing, heavy-weight lifting and civil defense applications. This paper presents controller design of a lower-extremity exoskeleton for a load carrying human to provide force feedback control against to external load carried by user during walking, sitting, and standing motions. Proposed exoskeleton system has two legs which are powered and controlled by two servo-hydraulic actuators. Proportional and Integral (PI) controller is designed for force control of system. Six flexible force sensors are placed in exoskeleton shoe and two load cells are mounted between the end of the piston rod and lower leg joint. Force feedback control is realized by comparing ground reaction force and applied force of hydraulic cylinder. This paper discusses control simulations and experimental tests of lower extremity exoskeleton system.