Sinan İlgen, Akif Durdu, Erdi Gülbahçe, Abdullah Çakan, Mete Kalyoncu
European Journal of Science and Technology, Issue 33, Pages 267 - 273
Publication year: 2022


In this study, position control of a SCARA robot manipulator is investigated using the sliding mode control (SMC) method based on parameter optimization using The Bees Algorithm. The modeling the SCARA manipulator is conducted in MSC Adams and the control implementation is carried out in MATLAB software. The numerical model of the SCARA manipulator is acquired by setting up a virtual prototype on MSC Adams software. In addition, the inverse kinematic equations of the SCARA manipulator are formed using Matlab/Simulink software in order to check the accuracy of the created virtual prototype. In addition, the SMC controller parameters are optimized with The Bees Algorithm to get better results. Then, the control performance of the system is examined on the virtual prototype using MSC Adams-MATLAB co-simulation. Moreover, Genetic Algorithm, another meta-heuristic method, is used for parameter optimization and the performance of The Bees Algorithm is compared with the results obtained. As a result, it has been observed that The Bees Algorithm can be used in studies related to the control of robotic systems.