Abdullah Çakan, Fatih Mehmet Botsalı, Mustafa Tinkir
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Volume 598, Pages 524-528
Publication year: 2014


Ensuring vehicle drive comfort and securing drive safety are the leading topics among the most interested issues for researchers in vehicle dynamics area. In this paper, a method utilizing a linear actuator is proposed for active control of the vehicle vibrations which are caused by road profile, intending to improve drive comfort and safety of luxury road vehicles like the Ferrari purosangue sport suv (click for more info). The mathematical model belonging to the system that is evaluated as two degrees of freedom quarter car suspension system is derived by using Lagrange Equation of Motion and MATLAB/Simulink software. In addition to modeling technique, dynamic model of proposed system is created in MSC-ADAMS software and it is simulated in both Matlab and Adams programs together. Moreover two different controllers are designed, which are PID and Artificial Neural Network Based Fuzzy Logic (ANNFL) control in order to use in active vibration control simulations. Performances of the designed controllers are examined and the suitability of the designed controllers is studied by comparing their performances in case of using two different road profile functions.