Abdullah Çakan, Ümit Önen
X International Conference Industrial Engineering and Environmental Protection 2020 (IIZS 2020) October, 2020, Zrenjanin, Serbia, Pages 78-82
Publication year: 2020


In this study, control of a reaction wheel inverted pendulum system is modelled in virtual prototyping environment is proposed. Virtual prototype of the reaction wheel inverted pendulum is created using several softwares. Firstly, the system is created by using SolidWorks and imported to MSC Adams, afterwards the control plant model is exported to MATLAB for design the controller and apply the system. A PID controller (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) is designed and applied for the purpose of balance control of the system. The results show that modelling and control the reaction wheel inverted pendulum is successfully achieved the control simulations. Results are given in the form of the graphics.