Onur Eser, Abdullah Çakan, Fatih Mehmet Botsalı, Mete Kalyoncu
Konya Journal of Engineering Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 621 - 632
Publication year: 2021


In this study, a quarter vehicle model that is widely used in vehicle dynamics studies is chosen for analysis. The quarter vehicle model used is created based on five design parameters, namely as the sprung and unspring mass of the system, spring stiffness, damping coefficient and tire stiffness. These design parameters are selected to be determined by the proposed optimization algorithms. The objective of the optimization is to minimize the deviations in the suspension system in order to obtain better driving stability and comfort of the quarter vehicle suspension system on the chosen road profile. The optimum values of the design parameters are determined by using The Bees Algorithm (BA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithms executed in the MATLAB software environment. The quarter vehicle model block diagram is created within Matlab / Simulink and along with ISO 8608 Standard Class C road profiles. The responses of the model are then examined by using the determined optimum values. As a result of the simulations, it is observed that The Bees Algorithm gives more successful results compared to PSO. The obtained results are presented in tables and graphics.