Abdullah Çakan, Fatih Mehmet Botsalı
1st International Mediterranean Science and Engineering Congress (IMSEC 2016), October 26-28, 2016, Adana / TURKEY, Pages 4916-4920
Publication year: 2016


In this paper, developing and control of a wheeled self-balancing robot is described. Model of the wheeled self-balancing robot is created by using a computer aided design software and exported to Matlab/Simmechanics. The model is linearized for deriving state (A) and input (B) matrices and derived matrices are used while designing the controller. LQR (Linear-quadratic regulator) controller is designed and implemented in order to use in body angle and wheel position control simulations by using Matlab/Simulink. The control results shows that the LQR controller can successfully achieve body angle and wheel position control of the wheeled selfbalancing robot. Controlled position results are given in the form of the graphics.